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Women in STEM

From a young age, girls are less likely to be encouraged to pursue a career in STEM related fields. BBBS wants to change that.

​We believe that matching girls with females who are currently working in STEM related careers will help those girls see that a similar career is a possibility for their own futures. Watch this video of the 2019 Big Sister of the Year to learn more about how she impacted her Little Sister’s life.

​BBBS is seeking female volunteers in STEM based professions to be part of our STEM Mentoring Program. At BBBS we believe in the power of mentoring for all children, no matter what their circumstances. In our STEM Mentoring Program, girls 6-14 (Little Sisters) are matched with volunteers (Big Sisters) who are in STEM based professions. As a Match they will spend time doing things they both enjoy, including STEM activities.

We would love the opportunity to come and talk about this program with your team. If that is something you would be interested in helping us schedule, please contact our office (208)377-2552.