The Big Little Dill

A pickleball tourney to support littles

Join us for the inaugural year of the pickleball tournament to help more kids find mentors through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho.

Saturday, Aug 10
S2 Pickleball in Boise

The Big Little Dill

All support stays local

Whether you’re playing, watching, or supporting, your participation makes a difference. Scroll down to register your team or see sponsorship opportunities.

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Saturday, Aug 10

Register your team!

Whether you’re playing, watching, or supporting, your participation makes a difference. See you on the courts!

$80 Early registration (ends Sat, July 27)
$100 Last chance registration (ends Wed, Aug 7)


Women’s team (2 women)

Women’s Beginner (3.0)
Women’s Intermediate (3.5) Under 50
Women’s Intermediate (3.5) Over 50
Women’s Advanced

Men’s team (2 men)

Men’s Beginner (3.0)
Men’s Intermediate (3.5) Under 50
Men’s Intermediate (3.5) Over 50
Men’s Advanced

Mixed team (2 players of any gender)

Mixed Beginner (3.0)
Mixed Intermediate (3.5) Under 50
Mixed Intermediate (3.5) Over 5o
Mixed Advanced


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Sponsor The Big Little Dill

Your support is a “Big Dill” for the littles in our community. When you sponsor the tournament, 100% of your contribution stays local to Southwest Idaho and makes a tangible difference. Studies show that children who have a mentor experience positive outcomes in education, employment, and behavior. With your support, we can match more children in the Treasure Valley with the mentors they need.

How You Can Help:

  1. Sponsor this Tournament! A financial contribution of any size can have a profound impact on our programs and the lives of the children we serve.
  2. Donate Products or Services. We’re open to collaborations and would love to hear your ideas!
  3. Play Pickleball! Can’t contribute right now? Totally okay! We would love to stay connected for future opportunities.
  4. Share this Sponsorship Opportunity and Event. Please share with someone and help us spread the word.

With your support, we can continue to offer life-changing mentorship to children in the Treasure Valley. Every contribution brings us closer to our goal of ensuring that every child can thrive to their fullest.

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S2 Pickleball

Need to brush up on your pickleball skills?

Our tournament sponsor S2 Pickleball offers open play, clinics, camps, and more at their new location on S. Federal Way in Boise!

Visit S2 Pickleball

Help give youth the positive mentor they deserve! Someone who will empower them to dream BIG and believe in themselves. Someone like Big Brother Andy with his Little Brother Kayden.

Andy has helped Kayden grow in his confidence and encourages him to be himself. Andy is someone who Kayden can talk to and laugh with. It’s truly the little things that make a big difference in a child’s life.

Every child deserves to have someone like Andy in their corner cheering them on and empowering them to BIG things!


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