Why Mentoring Matters

Why Mentoring?

In a world of causes, you may be wondering why mentoring is so important. Well, let me tell you. There are a lot of wonderful organizations out there doing GOOD work. Many, however, are responsive to a crisis that already exists. Our program is preventative.

Building a stable foundation is essential to raising secure, happy, and successful adults. That starts in childhood. The kids in our program are between the ages of 6 and 14 at enrollment. These are critical years where they are learning a lot. Who are they? What will they do? What are they capable of? Is this world good or bad? We must empower them to answer these questions well.

The Stats

Studies show that mentoring makes a BIG impact. Youth who had a mentor had better interpersonal relationships, less depressive symptoms, were more likely to volunteer, were more likely to graduate high school, and were more likely to hold leadership positions in their future careers.

If that wasn’t enough, 97% of youth in our program have seen an increase in self-confidence, 86% performed better in school, and 92% were less likely to get into trouble. Unfortunately, 80% of kids experience a drop in self-confidence after entering the school system. That is a major issue facing the youth of today. The comparison trap is everywhere, and they can’t avoid it. Kids who are being bullied at school continue to experience bullying outside of the school walls, thanks to the internet.

Self-confidence thrives when there is someone in your corner cheering you on. When someone who you look up to and respect believes in you, then you start to believe in yourself too. And that’s what our mentors do. They stand in their Little’s corner cheering them on, pick them up when they fall down, and empower them to live out their full potential.

Your Experience

Did you have someone like that when you were growing up? Take a moment and think about that person. What did their presence in your life do for you? Would you be where you are now without them?

What You Can do Now

Mentors have tremendous power to uplift, defend, and ignite potential. Does that sound like something you want to do for the next generation?

Let’s link arms and work together to empower youth to reach their full potential. We won’t stop until every youth in Idaho has a mentor. Will you join us?