Mel Frazier

Match Support Specialist

If you were a farm animal, which animal would you be? If I could be any farm animal, I would be a farm dog, because I could still be a fluffy pet, but I would also be able to play with all the other farm animals, roam the land and get messy!

What do you do after work? When I leave work, I love to lace up my hiking boots and roaming the mountains and hillsides with my dog, Penny Lane. Rain or shine we love being in nature and finding edible plants along the way. We roam the hills with a keen eye for identifying different edible plants and wildflowers. Natures very own “I Spy.” I love this because foraging makes me feel like an adventurer, living off the land, or a medicine man, healing my body with plants and herbs I am given by the earth!

Why do you love being apart of BBBS? I love being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission because of the power it gives children to help create a mentoring relationship in their lives that will help develop fortitude and structure towards their life goals.