Kimberly Cox

Director of Development

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? 

If I could pick a superpower, I would choose the ability to manipulate time. I think it would be so incredible to be able to hit pause, rewind, or fast-forward!  This would allow me the opportunity to savor precious moments, correct mistakes, explore the past and journey into the future!

Favorite Quote: 

“Never underestimate the ability of a small group of committed individuals to change the world.” ~Margaret Mead

This quote is a constant reminder that with passion and perseverance…big changes are achievable.  And even the smallest group can create a lasting legacy.

Why do you love BBBS?

I love working with an organization that makes such a meaningful impact on the lives of the children we serve. Through mentorship, our Bigs share experiences with their Littles that are exciting and opens their eyes to a world of possibilities they might never have imagined for their future!