A Match is a Relationship

Big Brothers Big Sisters is all about relationships. That is what is important to us. Each Match is a relationship that is full of little moments that make a big impact on a child’s life. 


Studies show that the most common factor in kids who develop resilience is a relationship with a caring adult. That’s what we do- we pair a child with a volunteer adult, who will be there in their corner, cheering them on! 


Wade and Landon are a great example of this. As a single mom Landon’s mom wanted him to have a male mentor, who could take him to do fun things and who could teach him new skills. Wade and Landon clicked right away. As time went on Wade said they became “best buddies.” 


They have now been matched for 4 years, and in that time they have had many adventures. Wade has taught Landon how to ride a bike, how to fish, and how to swim. 


When they were first matched Landon was terrified of the water. He had a close call, almost drowning when he was younger and that experience was very traumatic for him. However, Landon watched his friends and family have fun at the pool and expressed wanting to learn to swim and overcome his fears, so Wade was completely on board. 


They would consistently go to the lake in the boat and to the local swimming pool. They took it slow and started in the shallow end. After many attempts and with patience, Landon became more and more comfortable in the water. Swimming is now one of their favorite activities to do together!


They are looking forward to many more adventures, including playing baseball, hunting, and playing Fortnite.