Our commitment to you

March 12, 2020

​To our friends and family in the BBBS community,

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we understand the uncertainty around the coronavirus can be
concerning. We care deeply about the mental and physical well-being of all of our Littles and

Bigs, which is why we wanted to reach out to all of you.
Right now, with new developments on the virus coming out every hour, it is important we all find
ways to support one another. Our Littles need to know their Bigs are still there to listen, have fun
and be a steady force in their lives. And Bigs, please know you can still safely interact with your

The coronavirus should not stand in the way of mentoring.
However, we all need to make smart choices and practicing good hygiene. Here are a few
recommendations from our team:

  • If feel sick, please wait to get together with your Big or Little until you feel better. This is
    always a good practice but even more important with concerns over the coronavirus and
    flu season.
  • You’ve heard it a lot by now but it’s worth repeating, wash your hands frequently. This
    includes during your match activity. Always wash your hands before you eat, touch your
    face and when you come home. If you can’t get to a sink, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Try to avoid touching your face. – especially your eyes, nose and mouth. Make a game of it
    during your outing. Who can touch their face the least, the Big or the Little?
  • During your time together, consider avoiding places with large groups of people. Now may
    be the perfect time to start that art project you’ve been talking about or finally build that
    model airplane.

Most importantly, do what makes you the most comfortable. If you don’t feel like you can get
together in-person, catch up over the phone or video chat instead. There are lots of fun and
creative ways for you to stay connected. If you need ideas or want to talk through any of this
with our team, please call your Match Support Specialist.

For the latest, and most reliable, information on the coronavirus, we encourage you to visit the
Center for Disease Control. While we are the mentoring experts, they are experts on this virus.

Thank you for being part of our Big Brothers Big Sisters family.

Emily Johnson, CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho