Cami Ruh Clemo

Match Support Specialist

What do you find interesting?

I find science and art interesting. I make ceramics, jewelry, and glass beads. It is cool how much I use my previous experience as a laboratory technician when I make art. I use chemistry and math to make glazes, form metal, and color glass. The subjects I explore are inspired by lab work and environmental science.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an anthropologist because I was interested in people, where they lived and what they wore. When I grew up, I completed a degree in Fine Arts Boise State University focusing on Art Jewelry and Metalsmithing for that same reason. I love how jewelry is an art that people wear. It is like a team project between the person who makes the jewelry and the person who wears it.

Why do you love BBBS? I love the mission, defending potential…How cool is that? I get to come in every day and help people, and that makes me extremely happy. Everyone here is so caring and supportive, we all have the same goal, and it is awesome!