Andrew Lahren

Enrollment and Data Specialist

If you were a farm animal, which animal would you be? If I were to be a farm animal, I would be a chicken, specifically a Barred Rock chicken. Chickens are surprisingly fun to watch given they can be so spastic from time to time. That breed of chicken is also very talkative. They can be pretty responsive when talked to and can also tend to talk over you when trying to have a conversation with someone else, which can be pretty funny. I would be totally satisfied with pecking and scratching at the ground all day.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? If I were to travel to any one place in the world it would be Germany. I think the history of Germany is very fascinating given the many different events they have experienced the past few hundred years. To see the history and culture would be wonderful. They also have great historical architecture that would be really cool to see. You also cannot go wrong with a Bratwurst.

Why do you love BBBS? I love BBBS because of the mission. I believe everyone should have access to different perspectives and experiences, and what better way to get them than from others in the community. I also believe we can all benefit from more positive role models in our lives, the more the merrier. I have had my fair share of mentors as an adult, and now I wonder what could have happened if I had more growing up, introducing me to new things that I probably would have never tried. I want to provide that for others so they can flourish.